Sightseeing : Doi Inthanon

Sightseeing Doi Inthanon, Chaing Mai, Thailand

Highlight : Highest point of Thailand

Duration : Half Day

Bring you to the most point you must visit, Doi Inthanon, the Thailand's highest mountain (8,415 feet above sea level) which is a part of Himalaya range. Designated as a national park, the moist natural environment is habitat to a large species of birds, animals, flowers and fauna.

On the way up, visit the great twin Pagodas which were built in honor of their Majesties the King and Queen with a marvelous view surrounding. Then visit Doi Inthanon Royal Project which initiated to help the hill tribes to cultivate cash crops instead of opium and educated them on modern agricultural practices. You will also visit a large waterfall Wachirathan which plummets over the edge of a high cliff down into the stream below.


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