BS-CNX001: Elephant Safari
Highlight : Elephant ride, Rafting
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 1,000 TH

BS-CNX002: Doi Inthanon
Highlight : Highest point of Thailand
Duration : Half Day
Price : 1,200 TH

BS-CNX003: Doi Suthep
Highlight : Phra That Doi Suthep and the best viewpoint in Chiang Mai.
Duration : Half Day
Price : 500 TH

BS-CNX005: Khantoke Dinner
Highlight : Thai Lanna food with traditional shows
Duration : 7.30-9.00 P.M.
Price : 350 TH

BS-CNX006: Elephants at work
Highlight : Elephant show, Orchid Nursery
Duration : Half Day
Price : 600 TH

BS-CNX007: Home Industry
Highlight : Major center of quality handicrafts in Thailand
Duration : Half Day
Price : 200 TH

BS-PCK08: Mae Ping River Cruise with lunch
Highlight : Mae Ping River Cruise with lunch, Northern curry soup noodle or Khao Soi
Duration : Half Day
Price : 400 TH

BS-CNX009: Thai Cookery Course
Highlight : Going shopping at the fresh market and preparing your own thai food
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 900 TH

BS-CNX010: Chiang Rai-Golden Triangle
Highlight : Mae Sai-Golden Triangle-Chiang Saen
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 1,000 TH

BS-TRK01: One Day Trek at Doi Suthep
Highlight : Trekking Doi Suthep, Hmong Village
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 1,000 TH
BS-TRK02: One Day Trek at San Patong
Highlight : Hmong Village, Elephant Riding, Karen Village, Bamboo Rafting
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 1,000 TH
BS-TRK03: Trekking Mae Taeng 2 Days
Highlight : Hot Spring, Karen Village, Elephant Riding, Lahu Village, Bamboo Rafting, Shan Village
Duration : 2 Days
Price : 1,700 TH
BS-TRK04: Trekking Mae Taeng 3 Days
Highlight : Huay Nam Dung National Park, Waterfall, Shan Village, Karen Village , Elephant Riding, Bamboo Rafting, Lahu Village
Duration : 3 Days
Price : 1,800 TH
BS-TRK05: 2 Days trekking Chiang Rai
Highlight : Elephant Riding, Lahu Village, Akha & Yao Village, Mae Sai, Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen
Duration : 2D1N
Price : 1,890 TH
BS-TRK07: Trekking Mae Hong Son 3 Days
Highlight : Lisu Village,Karen Village,Red Lahu Village,Bamboo Rafting,Elephant Riding,Padong Long Neck Karen Village,Temples
Duration : 3D2N
Price : 3,500 TH

BS-ADV001: Rock Climbing
Highlight : Rock Climbing-Crazy Horse Buttress
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 1,500 TH
BS-ADV003: 3 Days Rappelling & Spirit Well Cave
Highlight : Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Lod Cave, Trekking, Black Lahu Village
Duration : 3D2N
Price : 9,500 TH
BS-ADV004: 1 Day Abseiling at Doi Inthanon
Highlight : Abseiling, Doi Inthanon
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 2,700 TH
BS-ADV005: White Water Rafting in Mae Tang
Highlight : White Water Rafting
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 1,300 TH
BS-ADV006: ATV, Half Day Hmong Hilltribe Village
Highlight : Quad (ATV Riding), Hmong Hilltribe Village, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Duration : Half Day
Price : 2,400 TH
BS-ADV007: Flight of the Gibbon
Highlight : Flight of the Gibbon, Trekking up alongside of Mae Kampong Waterfall
Duration : 1 Day
Price : 2,080 TH

BS-PCK01: Pai-Mae Hong Son
Highlight : Pai, Lod Cave, Phu Klone Country Club, Long Neck Karen, Elephant Riding, Rafting
Duration : 3D2N
Price : 0 TH
BS:PCK07:Homestay Sob Win
Highlight : Homestay Sob Win -Homestay -OTOP -Bai Sri Su Kwan
Duration : 2D1N
Price : 1,969 TH
BS-PCK08:Homestay &Trek Sob Win
Highlight : Homestay and Trek Sob Win -Homestay -OTOP -Bai Sri Su Kwan
Duration : 3D2N
Price : 2,627 TH
BS-PCK02: Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai 3 Days 2 Nights
Highlight : Elephant Camp, Doi Suthep, Home Industry, White Temple, Mae Sai, Chiang Saen, Golden Triangle, Doi Mae salong
Duration : 3D2N
Price : 5,800 TH
BS-PCK03: Doi Angkhang-Chiang Rai
Highlight : Chiang Dao Elephant Camp-Doi Angkhang-Chiang Saen-Golden Triangle-Doi Tung-White Temple
Duration : 3D2N
Price : 0 TH
BS-PCK04: 2 Days Chiang Rai
Highlight : White Temple, Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen, Doi Tung
Duration : 2D1N
Price : 3,800 TH
BS-PCK05: 2 Days Chiang Rai (Thaton)
Highlight : Chiang Dao Elephant Camp, A boat riding to Tribal Village, Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen,
Duration : 2D1N
Price : 4,300 TH
BS-PCK06: Chiang Rai 3 Days 2 Nights
Highlight : White Temple-Chiang Saen-Opium Museum-Golden Triangle-Mae Sai-Doi Tung-Doi Mae Salong-Thaton
Duration : 3D2N
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