Chiang Mai, Sawatdii Jao

Sawatdii Jao

Sawatdii Jao is what you'll hear when coming to Chiang Mai, the old capital city of the Lanna Kingdom. Dating back more than 700 years, Chiang Mai was originally named Nopburi Srinakornping Chiang Mai, meaning the new city. Chiang Mai is not a one-stop town. Once you experience its charm, you'll definitely want to have a second stay, or perhaps even settle down here.

Chiang Mai and its renowned culture alone draw much attention, but that's not the only thing. Chiang Mai has it all, beautiful scenery: hills, mountains stream, lakes, fields and waterfalls. Mysteries are in the valleys adn mountains waiting for your discovery. Shopping is a fun experience. All of these make Chiang Mai popular with visitors.


Admin said...

Sawatdii Jao Thai Bliss Travel *-*

Naveen Soni said...

chiangmai resortImagine falling asleep to the symphony of frogs and crickets, then waking up to the sounds of birds chirping. You find yourself cuddled up in the folds of white linen, in the centre of a majestic bed. Looking out the window, you see the sun peeking over the horizon, whilst the fog over the lake gradually rolls back to reveal the glimmering water's surface.

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